Sunday, 20 January 2013

[Kaskus Marketplace] flucard PRO 8GB

Kaskus Marketplace has posted a new item, 'flucard PRO 8GB'

agan2 and aganwatie, numpang ngesale nih temen ane dapet hadiah dari kantornye "
gak ngerti katanya" tapi sempet dia coba2 gitu gan..SDcard- flucard PRO trek
8GB, nah terus die tuker tambah sama kamera pocket jadul ane yang gak kepake,
jadi intinya ni barang yang ane foto dibawah mau dijual gan sebenernya kondisi
masih baru blom pernah dipake gitu, masih garansi koq setahun gan harga nego
boleh, tapi COD jakarta pusat aja yah....nah kalau agan minat bisa hubungi ane
di (sms) aja gan takut ane dijalan nih no.nya.: 0823.1036.1204 .ane punya kan
8GB nah, trus kalo agan mau lihat aja yang 4GB nih harganya..klik linK dibawah
speknya ya :As a wireless SD card, the Flucard is compatible with any device
with a SD host slot. Just plug it in and its built-in software will instantly
transform your Digital Camera into a Wi-Fi device and give you access to the
other features of the Flucard.P2P
The Flucard not only allows wireless photo and video sharing (P2P) between
Digital Still Cameras but also enables sharing between other Flucard enabled
devices. It can be your Wifes Camera, your Dads Camcorder or your Sisters
digital photo frame.
Flucard also enables sharing with other Wi-Fi devices. Show off your precious
moments by previewing, selecting and downloading them onto your friends and
familys PC, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones wirelessly. Configurations can also
be done on the Flucard through these mobile devices.Server Upload
Upload your photos wirelessly to the Flucard Portal or a server of your choice.
Share, organize and print your photos from the Portal which comes with a free
2GB storage space for every purchase of a Flucard. You can then access them
anywhere with a web surfing device.
The server upload also instantly creates a backup for your photos and videos,
allowing you to free memory space on your Flucard so that you can continue
snapping and create new memories.

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