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[Gizmo -] HTC M7 rumored to be launching as the 'HTC One'

Gizmo - has posted a new item, 'HTC M7 rumored to be
launching as the 'HTC One''

The HTC M7 has been making fairly frequent appearances in the rumor mill since
mid-December, but one detail about the device that hasn't been discussed all
that much is its final retail name. That changes today. A new tweet sent out by
@evleaks, who has been responsible for a fair number of accurate reports in the
past, claims that the M7 will simply be known as the "HTC One" once it hits
store shelves.
HTC originally introduced its "One" branding at Mobile World Congress 2012 with
the One X, One S and One V models. The One branding serves as a way to identify
HTC-made hardware, and the company said at its launch last year that One-branded
products would offer an "amazing camera and authentic sound experience."
Obviously the company would like to continue to use that brand that it's been
building since MWC 2012, and since the M7 is meant to be HTC's new flagship
device, simply calling it the "HTC One" could be a good way to continue to drive
the One branding while identifying the M7 as an important product. It's also
worth noting that at a recent company event, HTC Peter Chou was caught on video
chanting "HTC M7!" followed by "HTC One!"
HTC has scheduled an event for Feb. 19, and it's widely expected that the M7
will make its official debut at the gathering. What do you all think of the name
"HTC One?" Do you like the simplicity of it or would you choose something else?
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