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[Toy] Botcon 2013 Machine Wars Electro / Autobot Electrons

Toy has posted a new item, 'Botcon 2013 Machine Wars Electro / Autobot

Autobot Electrons is never one to duck out of trouble, he would never run away
from a challenge, no matter what the odds. He is strongly opinionated and
willing to fight for what he believes is right. Because of the excessive speeds
he drives and his more than enthusiastic nature, Autobot Electrons requires his
fair share of maintenance and found himself in Hoist's workshop on more than one
occasion. The shorter the odds, the more he likes it.
After Sizzle's premonition of the Machine Wars, Autobot Electrons came to
Cybertron where he worked with Mirage in an attempt to prepare the planet for
the war. Since those in charge were not convinced of Sizzle's ability, Autobot
Electrons and Mirage had to work outside of established regulations. They
provided arms and upgrades to civilians of Cybertron with little regard to who
they were providing them to. His own upgrades were self-given through illegal,
off the books efforts. Unfortunately for the duo, those efforts did not go
unnoticed by Cybertron Security.

Machine Wars "Autobot Electrons" or Electro to give him his "real" name is
really less of a Machine Wars toy, and more of an add-on for the Botcon 2010
Generation 2 set, which is set in the same universe as the 2013 set. He's a
straight up redeco of Hoist, with the same new head, and reuses the Generations
Kup mold.

Electro is a satisfying figure. He has a nice shade of yellow-gold plastic (but
not the infamous GPS prone plastic!). The new head is a dead ringer for G2
Electro, and is a great likeness. I also like the fact he's been given blue eyes
- makes me think of Tailgate from More than Meets the Eye.

Overall, a worthy homage and an excellent deco. The choice of mold fits, and the
Kup mold was one of the nicer ones out there to pick out to use, so all good
there. He's one of my favourite pieces from this year's set, largely because I
like Generation 2 a lot.

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