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[Toy] WFC Megatron Revisited

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So, after getting the Hasbro version of War For Cybertron Megatron, I eventually
stumbled upon the Japanese version. As a result, this wont be a full on review
as I pretty much covered what I wanted to with my review of the Hasbro one.
Being crammed into Takaratomys United line, This Megatron gets some additional
sexiness with some shiny paint. The most noticeable difference being a much
darker colour scheme.He comes on the usual Blister package. What I really liked
about the United line at this stage as they had some really cool battle scenes
of the toys themselves, but with some obvious photoshopping to make them look
like they are in battle. These pics are on the back of the box, along with a bio
and stats.

As it turns out, all the images of Megatron are actual toy images albeit heavily
edited. They look pretty cool!

Pretty powerful chap there isn't he?

Sexy little picture of the toy gesticulating majestically. Or perhaps maniacally
and a mention of his gimmicks, which is his launching cannon. Some nice head
shots of other figures that were available as well.Last one of the box, they
have some English, which has a translation of his function, which in Japanese is
. Which is Hakai Taitei lit:Emperor of Destruction. Yet the translation they
have used is Tyrant. Close enough and sounds less silly than Emperor of
Destruction. Oh and I see they added Decepticon on the front. Well, well, well.
I wonder if we will ever see the return of the Destrons?.Outside of the box he
looks very nice and beefy. Still.Articulation is exactly the same of course and
even though I still would have liked a waist joint, the Megatron is still rather

Here is is next to the US release. Interesting to see that even though it seems
that the Japanese one has fewer paint applications, it does look a lot nicer. I
added a bit of liner on white Megs as he looked a bit drab otherwise and to help
add a bit of definition to the sculpt. The Japanese one doesnt really need it
any as the darker plastic, while not game accurate, does aid the sculpt details
quite a lot.The red paint is slightly metallic looking and very nice indeed. You
can even see a bit more facial detail, just from the darker plastic. Nice. The
black dot on the forehead of the US one was done by me, but its all ready done
on the Japanese one.

The only real downer is the Decepticon insignia on his chest. It has a silver
background which causes the purple to blend in a little too much with the

He has the allowance for light piping, but his eyes have been painted over.
However if you happen to have a strong enough light on handLooks rather menacing
I think. I like it.You can see the sculpted detail so much easier on the
Japanese version one.

I was thinking of selling my US one after doing this, but I did have the
opportunity to play around with fusion cannons.

COME GEEEET SSSOOOOOMMMMEEEEE.Tanks Mode is still the future tank of random
bits, but it looks more metallic and tank like thanks to the darker plastic.

Its slightly classier looking than the white version, but again, that is all due
to the inaccurate game colouring. At the time, TakaraTomy where including these
cards in the toys for use with gaming machines in dept stores in Japan. Sadly I
dont think I ever saw one, but it included all series at the time, so I have
some Animated ones and United ones as well.

I assume the game was some kind of fighting/pokemon sort of thing.And so there
you have it. A little comparison piece of two Megatrons, what I find most
interesting is even though I prefer the TakaraTomy one due to its plastic colour
and snazzy red paint, it hasnt made me think the Hasbro one is total rubbish.
They both have their strengths and weaknesses. While the Hasbro is more game
accurate and has MORE paint than the TakaraTomy one, the TT looks a bit nicer as
a toy. So once again, as with my Japanese Animated conclusions, I am going to
say that the TT one looks nicer as a toy, but the Hasbro one is more accurate to
the source material.What a twist!

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