Friday, 18 January 2013

[Gizmo -] Sony is selling its New York HQ, then re-renting it

Gizmo - has posted a new item, 'Sony is selling its New York
HQ, then re-renting it'

Sony announced it's selling its headquarters building, located on 550 Madison
Avenue, New York. The sale price is $1.1 billion.

What's interesting is that under the conditions of the deal, which should go
through some time in March, Sony's various businesses will stay in the building
for another three years.

After repaying the debt related to the building and various other fees, Sony
expects to net $685 million, which will be recorder as operating income. Nifty,
we would say. It would come just in time for the end of the fiscal year (March
31) to boost the balance sheet Sony will have to present its investors. This
would allow the company to finish up the year on the black instead of the
projected $200+ million loss.

There's no word on the planned expenses for renting the building in the three
years to follow.

Since a new management team took over Sony last year, the challenge for the
company has been to strengthen up, to reduce expenses and get rid of losing

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